Hessian Obsession!

My house is filled with flowers. In fact, I seem to have myself several table-tops-covered in floral arrangements! But despite their beauty, they make me sad. You see my mum has just passed away. Quickly. Peacefully. Surrounded by a family who loved her dearly…

…And now, quite naturally, her legions of friends want to express their love and sympathy with a mass of flourishing blooms that are a spectacular tribute to my mum’s memory.

In these last few days I have done vases and vases of water-topping and stem-tweaking of beautiful bouquets. Most from professional florists with a smattering of ‘back-garden’.

Anyhoo, whilst immersing myself in this wonderful distraction, I have noticed the one common theme is hessian. Hessian in pink. Hessian in yellow. Hessian in green. There is currently a hessian obsession! I do love a bit of scratchy shearing bag wrapped around the centre flowers and I did recently post about the virtues of the artistic creativeness of burlap (Tabletops & Travel) but I ruh-eely can’t help myself and I am going to say what we have all been thinking…Enough Already :)

I mean it’s everywhere!!!

Pub Tables… The Hostess Gift…

Outdoor Dining… 307_7489672607326471645_n - Version 2 The Beach house, the shearing shed – which, BTW, is where I think it belongs again – and don’t even get me started on the use of it as wrapping paper!

So what do you think of our hessian obsession (that may have gone a long time unnoticed if not for my gorgeous mum)…Spectacular or Standard?

Till next time.

Tipsy Pipsy xo