Christmas Colours!

I know it is still weeks until the christmas holiday and that the gift shopping has barely begun (well, for most of us at any rate :) ) let alone those absolutely vital decisions on what the decor for the tree and table is to be, but I, like any good party-minded girl :) am already focused on the first world problem of the decor for the day.

Traditionally, it is all about red and green. L-O-A-D-S of red with a splash of green maybe, but still red and green.

Then there’s the new take on the traditional theme with the red and white. Refreshing, no doubt about it, however, unfortunately almost now becoming a little bit too predictable. But what to do … Mm …

Anyhoo, a couple of years ago, AP was keen to have the whole moody blue experience. So out we went to buy blue baubles, ornaments and anything else in any spectrum of that pretty shade that we felt fitted the christmas mode.

It was an interesting change however, I am not keen to revisit the blue hue … only problem is that I am now left with a cupboard of decorations in a colour more suited to other holidays and I am loathe to throw anything away! Hm, suggestions??? …

Tinerate, in keeping with getting organised waaay ahead of time, I have been tossing around ideas for the theme for this year …

… and apart from what I thought was a completely brilliant idea of pink and green with gold highlights – which, BTW, has already been roadblocked as, to be honest, the notion of a ‘pretty in pink’ silly season went down with a resounding thud with AP – I am drawing a complete blank.

Anyhoo, my completely inspired moment (in my mind :) ) was to gather up a basketful of pine leaves as well as medium to large pinecones. Paint the pinecones in pink and then dust them with just a sprinkling of gold glitter … just enough to give them a bit of a sparkle in the candlelight (because the table will be lit by candles :) ) … and then place the pinecones intermittently (amongst the candles!) along the pine leaf greenery which has been abstractedly arranged (nothing too stitched up; the vibe here is casual chic) along the centre of the table.

Now this table is still only in my imagination at the moment so I am not at all sure how it will play out in reality. What do you think? Is this an idea worth pursuing or best left on the shelf? Do tell …

Till next time.

Tipsy Pipsy xo

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