Throwback to Thanksgiving!

Even though I might be c-o-m-p-l-e-t-e-l-y on the wrong side of the world for the Thanksgiving-all-things-pilgrim-and-turkey US holiday, it has followed me across the hemispheres!


And because we are still in the throes of enjoying the traditional sales of Black Friday and Cyber Monday (all over the globe: no longer exclusive to the States anymore!) I am stretching out the holiday for just one more day :)


Black Friday is such a manic day I know but, if up for it, there are some excellent deals to be had. Good friend, LS, had been eying of a pair of completely divine out-of-this-world Tod’s loafers for most of the summer (having first seen them in Instyle magazine back in the Spring; she even tore the ad out and carried it around in her purse for the entire summer!) and ended up getting them at some ridiculously below half-price amount. And then there is LO who had been coveting a very chi chi Burberry coat and even though it was new season stock and the beginning of the chilly season, she was able to snap that up at a hot-off-the-press-price as well. It’s just about patience, oh and ton of stamina :)

Coco Cozy

Cyber Monday is a relatively new idea. Well, at least compared to Black Friday but, none the less, has caught on fast and is as big as Friday’s event. This is when magnificent bargains in all things technical are to be had. Being waaay more interested in the fashion retail appeal of Black Friday, I am not actually sure what is on offer on the Monday but I’m guessing the bargains are brilliant???Mmm, anyone…???


The Thanksgiving Long Weekend was always the kick-off to the Christmas season in America so whilst the family was home, the tree was chosen (nearly everyone has real trees; well, at least on the East Coast!) and decorated. Usually with a brandy eggnog to ward off the brr.

Tinerate, AP now tells me that even before the long holiday weekend, Christmas had taken over in all the stores and Thanksgiving had been relegated to a back corner of the shop. Not very fitting for such a magnimous festivity but Oy Vey…it’s happening everywhere! Just wait, soon we’ll be putting up the Christmas decorations in September! Oh…or are we already :)


Anyhoo, here’s to savvy sale shopping :)

Till next time.

Tipsy Pipsy xo