Wander through Woodstock


I’ve ben coming to Woodstock for a long time. Actually…Mmm…make that a very long time! But not long enough to be all my life; however, a good chunk of my adult life (or at least the part where maturity kicks in :) ) Oh wait! Does that ever even happen???


Tinerate, I love it and it is amazing, that, after all these years, the feeling of relaxation that still just washes over me, and a real sense of joy that becomes apparent as soon as driving in. There is one other spot in the world that this same sentiment happens to me, only there it is more pronounced and I guess that is because that is a life-long love affair.

Anyhoo, there are a ton of brilliant places to stay if ever visiting this New England town, but for AP and me, its always the Woodstock Inn.


The Inn is situated right on the town green (which BTW is surrounded by historical federation houses all built back in the 1800’s…whimsical right? :)  ) and to an extent is really the cornerstone and mainstay of the village. To me, it also absolutely embodies the character and personality of the township.


Built in 1793 albeit it as a Tavern, the Inn has had several reincarnations…


…with the latest developments only being completed a few months ago…




Whilst, in the new space, there is a myriad of charming comfortable nooks and corners to rest one’s weary legs, I am completely taken with this stool cum table cum lounge (Just what is it??? Anyone… :)  ) and can totally imagine ski bunnies sprawled across this seat, warming their toes.

IMG_4186And for those that just want to ‘do Lodge’ (and stay Inn :) ) … Darling, shall I meet you in the Library or the Sun Room???



Anyhoo, if like me, you are still yet to organise your summer vacation (or winter ski trip!), this elegant New England resort might just be the tempting seduction you need.

Till next time.

Tipsy Pipsy xo