Autumn Glam!

An email arrived to my inbox the other day from probably my favourite florist in Adelaide, Tynte Flowers, but this time, despite the stunning photography, it wasn’t the pretty pictures that made the impact, it was the very clever one line. It read, ‘A falling leaf is Summer’s wave goodbye…‘ Isn’t that completely brilliant! Soo simple. Soo precise. And just soo thought provoking. I mean, I’m still thinking about it and wondering who wrote it? Almost sounds a bit Buddha-ish or at least Chinese proverbial don’t you think? Whatever though, the melancholy ring (to my ears at least) stirred up a whole range of emotions :)

Anyhoo, it got me realising that all too soon we will be permanently swapping out the sandals for the little boot (although with the tenacity that this summer has been sticking around I’m not totally convinced: I’m still waiting for our bout of Indian Summer :) ) and the long lazy days of heat will be behind us for another season (at least in the Southern Hemisphere!)

The leaves have already started to drop and the shadows most definitely grown longer. Even the early mornings have lost the parched scent of the dry, with the aroma of wet dewy grass the replacement.

It’s a wonderful time of year to take a walk amongst nature and nurture the spirit, maybe even indulge in the current relax revolution with a little Forest Bathing.

Known as shinrin-yoku in Japan where apparently the practice of forest bathing began, it is defined as …

… typically a meditative nature walk during which you focus your senses on the outdoors rather than on your own thoughts …

…and it (again, apparently!) has solid stress health benefits. OF. COURSE. IT. DOES!!! Don’t you think it’s interesting that a fancy name has to be given to the age-old tradition of ‘getting back to nature’ for people to sit up and take notice. But, hey, if it’s working I’m all for it. In fact, I might even book myself in for a little tree soaking :)

Tinerate, I find Autumn incredibly inspirational and wanted to share some of the centrepieces that I feel work a treat at this wonderful time of the year (and just an aside, not that they wouldn’t at other times but I made an Executive Decision :) on their use for the now! Oh, and I’m a Libra so don’t ask me to make a decision on when else to use them cos I most certainly wont be able to make up my mind and will just find brilliant excuses for why they should be used all the year round! ) Ah, does that make any sense at all :)

Till next time.

Tipsy Pipsy xo