Fast forward from my Scene Stealer First Take to today and yes, I confess, I am still completely immersed in taking the decor to the table (mainly cos with this weather it is just too tempting not to be snugly propped up in front of the television finding inspiration in between awesome dated movies :) ) so I’m continuing Tuesday’s indulgence…


I am not going to waiver far from the theme of the die-hard-romantic-couch-potato in us all, however this post will not focus on a rich daddy, McMansion or two devilishly good looking chaps sparring in the hopes of winning the leading ladys undying adulation. (Just one handsome hunk because, after all, it is a Rom-Com :) ) And of course it’s got all the fairytale elements to make for a dashing few hours of vintage glamour while the winds whip at the windows.


My obsession right now is with the Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman movie, Indiscreet. The one where she comes home to London because she has been unlucky in love, only to meet the dreamy Cary Grant. Naughty Cary claims he is married with his wife back in the States but he is happy to have an affair with Ingrid. (Don’t you love that premise! I mean, how many of us girls would just rush into a proposal like that these days??? Oh, but then if it’s Cary… :) )

But, all is not what it seems (is it ever? :) ) however in the interests of not being a spoiler all I will say is that there is an argument, a mistake but love prevails. Ooo, adore a bit of old-fashioned feel good romance trysting.


Anyhoo, Ingrid Bergman is a very successful savvy actress with a London apartment to a-b-s-o-l-u-t-e-l-y die for! Big rooms, high ceilings and the kitchen dining nook…(I know, just bursting with 50’s chi chi isn’t it!) Soo wouldn’t mind this as my own Chelsea bolt hole. Tinerate, the apartment is a stunning reflection of not only her creativity and success but (and this is a biggie so trumpet roll please; I’m over drums :) ) her independence!


All of which translates brilliantly to the table. Take a varietal coloured china set, add stems in one solid grounding colour…say blood red for drama or midnight intrigue blue (lots of shadows in midnight so its always intriguing :) ) for mystery…and a centrepiece ablaze with the same colours of the tableware chosen. A random burst display would pull the table together with relaxed abandon or if feeling more conservatively restrained, try ‘layering’ the colours of the flowers. For example, red centred bunch, amber ring around red, green circle around red and so on…I know you get it :)



And then of course, if this is just all way too much to cope with and computes merely as chaos, there is the always beautiful, in-vogue, traditionally reserved option…

Casa De Perrin

Tinerate, it’s time to check the gate :) (Ooo, I am such a Director right VN :) )

Anyhoo, please doo tell! Can you see this fabulous movie set working in the dining room for you or is it best left filed with the other Standards???

Till next time.

Tipsy Pipsy xo

PS. Promise to get up from in front of the telly next post :)