Bits of Blue!

Just when I thought that my blog would be completely on topic – Tabletops & Travel – I find myself awash with inspiration of the complete indulgent and distracted kind. But, believe me, this is not my fault! In fact, I lay blame directly at the feet of great mates, SK, LJ and WG who I have snuck down the Coast with for a girls weekend (on a Tuesday: go figure :) )

SK has kindly invited us all to her fab beach house in Encounter Bay for a few days of golf (intimidated), bridge (terrified!) and cocktails (can handle that one :) ) plus the chance to explore this granitic coastline. And, I have to say, as I rounded the bend and drove over the crest into town, one of my first impressions is that of blue blue and more glorious blue!

I always thought that my ‘go to’ colour was pink but it seems that I have a complete fascination with the blues too! May sound obvious, but especially at the beach and just maybe my recent foray into all things Sydney beach-blue has prompted this intrigue. I don’t know and it is most certainly no biggie, but if that is the case, then Encounter Bay with its aqua ocean is only serving to reiterate that point! (Umm, was there a point :) )

Or maybe, and this one is pretty high up there, its just that I like all the colours of the rainbow and am a little slow off the mark to realise that they are all a ‘favourite’ in the right situation. Actually, an explanation like that which bails me out totally of having to make any kind of decision is completely perfect for one like me who, after all, is a Libra and honestly has no idea what she likes best cos she just can’t make up her mind! Ooo, looong explanation that I am guessing explains nothing??? :) Oy Vey …

Anyhoo, here’s to pool playing blue water view style!

Till next time.

Tipsy Pipsy xo