Roast Chicken!

Oh. My. Goodness! … I cannot tell you just how giddy I go for a good love story!

You know, one where there is all sorts of obstacles that could cause potentially insurmountable hurdles but guess what, true love flies in the face of conventional dilemma and the young couple come out riding on the crest of the wave of love and romance 💞💖💞

Anyhoo, thanks to Harry (no surname required :) ) and Meghan Markle (soon-to-be no surname needed), that is just what is playing out on the global circuit.

I know I am not the only female out there tearfully swooning over the whole divine affair and has sat glued to the telly, lapping up every detail of this modern day romance.

A dashing prince: check. A raven haired hollywood star: check. Castles exotic trips, luxury lifestyle … check, check and check. It’s got it all and this captivating fairytale is the reason that I have not got anything done all week … Oy Vey :)

And to think that it all began over a blind date (definitely improves that dating concepts image don’t you think?) …

… and culminated with an engagement over a roast chook dinner. Ahh, just so romantic that even the toughest cynic has to be moved. Oh, okay, maybe not all of them … Greg Gutfeld of The Five on Fox TV reminded us of the ‘tossing of the tea‘ and was adamant he didn’t care. Humph, not buying it Mr Gutfeld :)

Till next time.

Tipsy Pipsy xo


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