Sunny Sunday!

One of the simplest but indulgent ultimate luxuries, would have to be the lazy sunny Sunday!

Sure it is the finale before the new week revs up but somehow that thought gets no attribution until the setting hours of the day; if at all! Until then, we are happily swept along in a bubble of easy relaxation and cushioned contentment, quite often of the extravagant kind. (Well, at least compared to the “sensible shoe” time of the office hours :) )

You see the ritual of the Sabbath most often begins with a hearty breakfast of all things avoided through the work calendar when we are all being ‘good.’ So it is with guilty pleasure a lavish meal of bacon, eggs, waffles (most definitely with Vermont maple syrup: AP! :) ), muffins and even croissants, is presented for consumption. In all honesty, an absolute treat for everyone :) No getting around this tradition that seems to have been passed from generation to generation in nearly every family I know. (And, according to the explosion of advertising promoting this family stalwart, seems unlikely to lose steam any time soon!)

Anyhoo, the other big indulgence of a sunny Sunday is the long lazy lunch. The barbie is fired up, guests spill in, champagne is popped and a calming spirit of good cheer permeates the air.

The sunny Sunday lunch is an event that is incredibly easy to ‘settle into’ with many an afternoon blissfully wiled away in a cushioned bubbled world; the thud of reality when realisation that it is 6.00pm coming as a horrible interruption to a frolicking good time.

The tradition of the Sunday lunch continues all year round, bringing it inside for the family roast during the coldest months. And by setting the table with cheer and gaiety … Voila! … we have summer sunny in any month :) Trust me, it’s still as pleasurable as lunching in the garden. Just amazing really what an impact a few pearls of nature’s bounty can achieve, don’t you think?

Tinerate, it has to be one of my favourite pastimes on possibly my favourite day … How about you, are you a fan of the carefree vibe of the first day of the new week as well?

Till next time.

Tipsy Pipsy xo