Summer Sipper

Oak & The Owl. Acrylic Louis chairs provide an airy modern age to this ancient greek romanctic setting

You know, I thought I’d left the sunny weather several hours in my wake but I arrived Down Under – to Sydney – to temps seriously sipping on those in Vermont and it had me all light-headed and flowery romantically giddy. (It wasn’t until I got to Adelaide that I came back to earth with a resounding wintery thud but thats a whole other story :) )

Style Me Pretty. Preserved boxwoods on tiered iron stands give its a fromal English look

Tinerate, so I thought I would share some of the last of my wonderful 2017 finds for outdoor dining …

Inspired by This

But back to point, for a moment I suspected I was just jet-lag exhausted, (a 30 hour flight – with layover – will do that to a girl :) ) but then I realised that no, it was an actual fell-good-fuzzy emotion that was stirring. A feeling almost on par with love … Yep! I realised that thanks to sunny Sydney, romance was most definitely in the air … Aww :)

Grace Happens

One of the most whimsically romantic times of the year can be summer. The heady scent of Spring is intoxicating to be sure and the powdery snow and twinkling lights of winter most seductive as well. Fall with its crispness and colour is not to be overlooked either but honestly, the summer is not the wedding season without reason.

Sterling Social

Lazy tropical days spent romping in the aqua blue water of the ocean with the sun tickling at your back often elevate emotions causing the little ole love endorphin to kick into overdrive. By the time dusk has set and a champagne with a loved one watching the day fade is shared, consider the cupid deal done. And should a leisurely barefoot stroll along the sandy beach on a balmy evening (thats lit only by starlight :) ) be taken, well, thats just upped the ante to the definition of wedding-bells-romance personified.

Brasserie Auteuil. Bohemian smell of jasmine and orange blossom

So, is the season really the epitome of romance? What do you think? Would love to know :)

Burnetts Boards

Till next time.

Tipsy Pipsy xo