Rooftop Tabletops!

You don’t need me to tell you that space is at a premium in New York City (but I just did anyway :) ) so it is amazing how creative people are at finding those extra centimetres (and inches too!) No nook or cranny is overlooked and, if concluded to be useable, strapped into commission … including the rooftops.

So as we enter into the twilight days of summer, (at least in the northern hemisphere) I thought I would celebrate some of the amazing rooftop tabletops that for these brief warm months play a major role in the landscape of the top floor of our apartment buildings.

Sitting right alongside the dusty blackened metal water tanks it is quite normal to find a little garden oasis filled with fruit trees (my upstairs neighbour grows lemons and limes) and sometimes even a veggie garden, along with the perennial flowering favourites.

Tinerate, being beneath the stars, surrounded by the glowing neon of the City often completely exposed to the elements of the creepy crawly kind :) is what makes this experience so big city unique.

Relaxing atop a high rise with the sounds of the City merely a distant background drone can be a very surreal moment. Life is happening inside every window around you and like Jimmy Stewart in Hitchcock’s, Rear Window, one is drawn into the drama being played out before your very eyes (and just an aside, having a bit of a squiz is totally okay; one of the unwritten rules I guess :) )

Anyhoo, with the cooler air fast-trekking into town and only a few scant weeks left to enjoy this lofty sanctuary, if I’m not answering your knock at my itty-bitty apartment, meet me on the rooftop :)

Till next time.

Tipsy Pipsy xo