Charming Country Chic

Once upon a time it was all country cottage…

…and then the sophisticated little sister who had spent way too much time in the city came home. And ever since, tabletops have been dazzling with charming country chic…

Purple Country Cottage

The sort of look that doesn’t quite work in the city no matter how hard one tries to adapt it. Most probably because the great wide open land has mother nature as the predominant feature and, of course,


a divine backdrop :)


Use the elements. Take from the elements. Be inspired by nature and all that is natural. We are all told it, taught it, even experience it throughout our lifetimes…however it is not till one  immerses themselves in the country that this advice comes back to them twofold and it is possible to begin to understand how wonderful our widespread rustic land is.


Once upon a time I lived in the country and I guess my sole may still really belong there.


Till next time.

Tipsy Pipsy xo