Bring Spring On!

One of the small joys of life, I find, is being able to take time out of life’s daily busy schedule and sit wth the sun at my back, birds to my feet and to completely disconnect with a bit of old fashioned people watching.

On a recent morning, the four-seasons-in-one-day weather that Melbourne is known for, offered me a quiet hour to sit on the banks of the Yarra and do just that.

The soft rays of sunlight peaked from behind the clouds just enough to keep me warm (and the heater directly above my head also worked a charm :) ) whilst I entertained myself observing the parade of people passing before me.

I have noticed before, but on this day it was most apparent just how predominate the colour black is when it comes to city dress. And if not black, then greys, navy and the related darker hues of the colour wheel. Just why is that? Mm, … Anyone? …

Tinerate, this a.m. there was a variation to the dress as this sea of dark (and, just a BTW aside, isn’t it Spring guys: lighten up :) ) was accessorised with the bright gold of the local footy team, Richmond, making the teams supporters look like a swarm of bumble bees as they wandered their way to the MCG.

Anyhoo, the whole point of this  (yes, I have managed to find a point amongst the babble :) ) is that with the elimination finals heralding the Grand Final that is about to be played this weekend, it means the season is over which means Winter is done and dusted so Spring must  be here! :)

And … in anticipation, I am sharing some wonderful warm day tables to get us in the mood. So which one do you like best? Do tell … :)

Till next time.

Tipsy Pipsy xo