Winter Warmers

I am speechless! Well, almost :)

I had to take a day trip to New Hampshire and, whilst I admit, the heating in the car seat was buzzing along on max, I thought that was merely because it was early morning in the mountains. You know, hot days cool nights and double it in the outback or at elevation.

But nooo! Drum roll please as this is a biggie … I cross the border, exit off the interstate and I’m having a whole double-take-say-what-I-can’t-believe-it moment cos … the leaves are turning!!!

Yes! The gorgeous forest of green is about to become a blaze of reds, oranges and gold (which, btw, is completely stunning and worth a visit to New England for if never witnessed) … but it’s only mid August! The month most usually known for hazy, hot and humid. I’m not ready for this! (Ah yes, it’s all about me :) )

But no getting around it. The first signs of the chillier weather have kicked in …

… and it seems that winter really is just knocking at the door.

Fresh summery open up the house tablescapes are about to give way to shuttered windows and glowing fire winter warmth choices.

Warming soups are inclined to become the staple of the day closely followed by a crowd-pleasing hearty chilli most oft whipped up from the recipe passed down from the patriarch’s family. Nesting will quickly become the choice of entertainment, and, just an aside, why not? Sometimes there is nothing better than lounging on the sofa in front of a roaring open hearth watching re-runs of old movies on TCM … but just not yet!!!

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love winter! I just didn’t expect to be pulling out the puffer coat this month … Oy Vey, ’tis what it snowy is :)

Anyhoo, if its getting colder here, it means, somewhere south it’s heating up. Me thinks it might just be time to change hemispheres :)

Till next time.

Tipsy Pipsy xo