Miss Moss

Now just how cool would it be to be rock-star status style maven? You know, someone in line with the likes of Katharine Windsor, Jackie Kennedy or Kate Moss …

Where every move is lapped up and replicated by an adoring throng of thousands of fans.

Mm, regrettably, I can’t say I move in the same circles as any of these ladies so most probably won’t ever know but that doesn’t stop the little old style crush I have on all of them but specifically, at this moment in time, I am completely fan crushing on the very easy but oh so smart style of Miss Moss.

And why is that? Because in of the latest Architectural Digest magazines there is a sneak peek of her recently renovated London apartment’s bathroom and I am just love love loving what she has done!

Oh, now don’t get me wrong! I most certainly don’t normally swoon over a porcelain loo or marble basin but it’s just that I am about to embark on a bit of a renovation exercise in my itty bitty New York apartment so am consequently on the look out for all ideas and suggestions of the fabulous nature :)

In keeping with the personal privacy policy that the infamous model lives by, it really is only a quick look but even so, it’s enough to confirm that Kate really is one of the ultimate advocates of all design and good taste. I have to say, it was more than enough to send my imagination running amuck for my own little space …

What I am particularly loving about this wet room is the seductive shade of blue she has chosen.

I suspect in certain lights it looks quite like feather ash…

Anyhoo, the other feature that inspires me is this dramatic note added to the wall behind the lounge suite. Who would ever have thought of a fluttery flower ribbon of paint as being a focal point?

So, I’m dying to know. What do you think of Kate Moss’ design? Are you as excited by it as I am or do you feel it’s best left in the pages of a magazine?

Till next time.

Tipsy Pipsy xo

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