Beside the Seaside!

HM beside the seaside
HM beside the seaside

It’s been a long time since I’ve lived by the water. Actually, make that a very very long time! But even so, I find I am always drawn back to the blissful blue regardless of whether it be sea, lake, river or dam (and yes, we may also have left the beguiling blues for the greying green curve of the colour wheel with these last mentioned watery havens. Not too sure I’ve ever seen a blue dam :) )


Tinerate, it’s fascinating to me how a pool of H2O bears such a strong irresistible hold over one, to the detriment of other, just as spectacular views.


Take my backyard in the mountains of VT…Acres and acres of rolling woodland with the most stunning foliage show every Fall and still, most probably, I would choose sea over mountain.


Is it because the water is constantly moving and changing so there is always something new to hold the attention??? I mean the forest view does alter, but only seasonally, and more subtly. Having said that…the abundant bird life gives one a fabulous scenic display of nature at its finest with ever evolving flutters and fascinations.

IMG_0093 (1)

Ooo, having said all that, now I don’t think I actually would be able to decide between wood or wet. Both very pretty. Mmm, thinking…thinking…


Anyhoo, I have spent the whole day down by the ocean and must admit it’s almost as therapeutic as a day at the spa. :) The view of varying blues fading into the gunmetal of the sky is stunning. The scent of seaweed and salt, intoxicating. The sound of the gentle crash of wave against sand soothing to the soul…It all makes for a healthy easy rejuvenation of mind, body and spirit :)


Tinerate…completely off track…being an avid people watcher (soo completely at home with this hobby in NYC :) ) I couldn’t help but notice that there happens to be a predominance of pink in the attire colour choice when seaside. Pink runners. Pink pants. Pink dress. Pink tops. Pink socks. Even pink ribbons!


This is then closely followed by animal, especially leopard, print in the preference for clothing (think pants, blouse, coats and even dresses) with the most popular accessory the designer sunglasses usually ornamented with a bit of bling. Most folk were sans hats and sported glowing tans.

In the few hours I spent by the comfort of the beach, seaside life seemed to take on a life of its own and I felt I was suddenly viewing the world through the enhancement of a chrome filter. It had become a space I was reluctant to depart :)

Till next time.

Tipsy Pipsy xo