A Cracking Christmas!


Okay, so I do know that Christmas has come and gone and whilst barely even the P.P.S. of the P.S. I wrote about on Tuesday, I have been having just waaay too much fun pouring over the fabulous designs sent to me by friends, posted on social media and the occasional random I’ve come across, to yet move on from the holiday and wanted to share some of these cracking christmas displays :)


Love the pop of green against the neutrals of GMcC’s table. Sophisticated and elegant, don’t you agree? …


…and the holly draped though the tie of the bauble, a brilliant way to add polish to an already dynamic tablescape!


A simple statement in stunning is the best way I feel to describe this country inspired table by my niece, next-gen RT. Too clever using native flora in three mis-matched vases…very whimsical way to stir the imagination. Doesn’t it almost leave you to wonder if she found the flowers earlier that day whilst strolling the grassy shores of the lake???


Still in awe of TM’s fabulously effective Japanese inspired origami table. Soo creative and, just an aside, incredibly impressed with the patience it must have taken to create this table artwork :)


My friends at Jamala Madikwe always have the best tablescapes and this christmas did not disappoint. Team this with the most divine gourmet food and one quickly understands why this resort is always rated in the top ten luxury destinations of South Africa. And, just another aside (Ooo, seem to be getting distracted today :) Oy Vey…) really really can’t wait to visit again soon!!!!


Black and white stripes are a stand-alone for creating a bit of drama, but add a contemporary centrepiece of holiday green with fairy lights and its all about a silly season celebration of vogue chi chi!

Tinerate, its not only the black and white that stands out and demands attention…

15726543_10154826637404061_3543565445595760374_n…white and red is a up and coming favourite and every bit as on trend as any of its forebearers! Against this white stucco, its a high impact knock-out :)


So, whilst on the red and white band wagon, AP and I celebrated christmas with this colour scheme as well…mainly because outside in the mountains of VT, it’s all snowy and white and, well, downright brr…so why not an ambience of fire-roasting red???


Anyhoo, till next time.

Tipsy Pipsy xo