Rustic Urban Country

Back with the country backdrop of VT, one can’t help but begin to think of enjoying the great outdoors. Outside my window, on the side of the mountain, it really is just like the picture postcard images we see of rural America: lush long grasses, wildflowers budding across the fields and butterflies dancing in the wind. Sigh … sooo romantic right!

Tinerate, it’s enough to bring me to face my fear of No-See-Ems (miniature black bugs that are almost invisible to the naked eye – hence the name :) – with the most ferocious bite) and head to the great outdoors.

Whilst I know there are absolutely a ton of options when dining outside (the deck, poolside, patio, beach, mountains :) ) today I am in awe of all things relating to a rustic urban country ‘look’ that are celebrated under the pergola.

I am just absolutely loving this layout created by photographer and director, Justin Coit. ALL OF IT! But if I had to choose, especially the copper tear drop lighting. Being more of a candle and tea lights girl to date, I would never have thought of doing that but going forward, well, the world is my lamp :)

Anyhoo, to me, the whole look simply shrieks an understated sophistication that is only evident when a real master is working their talent. Sigh … (again, I know but I can’t help but find this tablescape sooo dreamy :) ) Perfection in Paradise.

Till next time.

Tipsy Pipsy xo