Happy Halloween!


In just a few nights it will be Halloween, the holiday that is fast becoming not-quite-in-the-Melbourne-Cup-day-off stratosphere but hedging its bets and moving slowly but steadily down the fence towards it (after all, it even took the big horse race a few years to to be considered a national day of slacking off from all duties, whether actually at the office or not :) )


Anyhoo, this is a great holiday for its family appeal and the making of traditions and memories that kids treasure and can take with them to pass on to their own children.

And yes, it is all about the kids but I have met many a parent who is more in to it than their offspring. Nothing wrong with a bit of eccentric fun :)


Tinerate, there is now a new movement that is taking over the evening…Trunk or Treating.


Trunk or Treat is basically trick or treating from a car. Everyone gathers in a paddock, clearing or car park with the boot of your car decked out into a scary scene. So instead of doing the traditional door to door knock, the kids do trunk or treat from a car.


The NBC Today show says…

It’s where trick or treating meets tailgating, and it’s a new Halloween tradition that’s been taking over…

In fact, in many neighbourhoods, trunk or treating has replaced trick or treating as a safe and family friendly way to celebrate Halloween.

Howzat! No more risky door knocking :)


And safe definitely does not have to mean boring. Especially when it comes to the costumes…

…”dress as a bunch of grapes and then make the classic balloon costume even sillier, frown all night so you can be sour grapes”…


…If a big movie buff, try a horror theme instead like these costumes from The Birds and Psycho…


…and there’s always the classic Mattel get-up…


…or a little bit of edge (just add ‘tude and rockin’ dance moves; ciggie lit is optional :) )…


…but most probably my favourite of the moment; The Brexit Couple…


Anyhoo, it doesn’t matter what the chosen attire, the only rule is that one just must be in costume (any kind of costume!) Especially so as one then becomes eligible to partake in the legendary tradition of the NYC Village Parade. An excellent way to wind up a day of spooky shenanigans :)


Till next time.

Tipsy Pipsy xo