Making a Splash!

If you’ve been reading my recent posts you already know that I am currently obsessing with the seating around the table. Well, guess what? Today same obsession, but wait! … with a twist. Instead of the place card, today is all about the chair!

Yes! The all-important seat around the dining table on which one rests one’s toosh :)

Don’t you agree that this piece of furniture plays a critical role in finessing the whole tablescape? I mean, just imagine a drop-dead-divinely decorated table surround by plastic weave beach deck chairs; you know, the kind that weather if left outside too long and then you end up falling through them when the stitching breaks. Mm, no, not a good look. Oh, now don’t get me wrong, I love a good deck chair sit-in … but in the right spot. For a luau at the coast; perfect! Clustered around the campfire; spot on! And even trackside at the Spring races!

Anyhoo, inside, around the dining table there is a certain expectancy as to well, what to expect! The Chippendale in more traditional environs, right though to the of-this-minue Lucite in the contemporary.

But take the diners outside, set an ‘inside’ table complete with tablecloths and candelabra (silver if you want to up the ante :) ) and then for the real WOW factor, bring the dining room tables from inside outside … Instant Glamour!!!


Pretty much any kind of chair will work for a table setting in the orchard or under the wisteria … maybe even in the cattle yards or in the vineyard … but some fair-haired designs that I’m trumpeting right now would have to be the forever legendary Eames dining chair, the of-this-minute-but likely-to-go-on-forever Highback Boston side chair and, of course, the ever popular Parsons chair in all its incarnations :) But if I had to choose (and I’m I a Libra so I can’t make a decision to save myself! :) ) I’d have to consider these three beauties as well …

Caraole Reserved Seating Chair

bloglovin'psilovethisTinerate, what do you think of the  concept of bringing the inside out like this … would love to know :)

Ah, all too dreamy … Anyhoo, next time I am within cooee of a garden, I know I plan to try it :)

Till next time.

Tipsy Pipsy xo