Festival Fever!

There is soo much happening in Adelaide right now that it is almost too much. Operative word being almost! :)

I realise, after all, that this time of the year is called Mad March for a reason (and no quibbling; I do know it is only still February! I didn’t make up the rules :) ) but Ruh-eely…

Anyhoo, just wondering, are you loving it all happening at the one time or do you think the fun should be spread over a few more months??? I mean…


…already we have the Fringe Festival – think Ed Festival – in full swing at squillions of venues across town.


The Adelaide Festival kicking off in a few days (curated polished and refined)…



WomAdelaide, which is three days of national and international wall to wall music acts that take over one of the major parklands surrounding the city (this one seems to be a love or loathe affair. Absolutely no room for grey matter with Womad!)


Champing at the bit is the horse race which is Adelaide Cup, the Writer’s Festival (a biggie for me :) )…


…and then to wrap it all up, some big V8 engine car race which seems to have already brought Adelaide to a stop, well at least the traffic.


Oh, and I just had my tree man tell me that he couldn’t prune my Chinese Elm until mid March because…

it is too hard to get to my side of town until after the Clipsal


Say What??? A few road blockages and detours and the whole community comes to a stand still. Which is probably why all these other Festivals are on; you know, a bit of a distraction :)

So what do you think? Is all this activity Spectacular???

Till next time.

Tipsy Pipsy xo