The She Shed


I never get attached to real estate and, consequently, feel no thrill when it comes to bricks and mortar. Yes, I do get that it is most probably only the biggest investment made in a lifetime and, appropriately, usually an occasion of great celebration. After all, owning ones own piece of turf and being the Queen of ones own palace (or King of the Castle :) ) is a noteworthy accomplishment. But no. I’m not one for the tendencies of many a soul in that excitement is the over-ruling emotion when it comes to a bunch of walls sealed with an iron lid.


Anyhoo, given the number of houses (and places :) ) I’ve lived in over the years, it is most probably a very good thing that attachment is not a biggie Now, just to be clear, that doesn’t mean I don’t bond with whats on the inside…meaning all my stuff!!! (And, as I am sure I have mentioned, I am a bit of a hoarder so there does tend to be a bit of stuff. In fact, I’m about due for a clear out now but am pretty sure that I will find some reason to postpone :) )

But…No…No. I never get excited by a bunch of bricks, slab of stone, pile of wood or wall of fibre cement :) Well, that’s what I always thought and then, just yesterday, spending a lazy afternoon scrolling my way through my favourite sites, I happened upon a fabulous article from especially for the ladies…

First there were actual caves. Then came man caves. So what’s the next hot thing in gender-specific sanctuaries? Meet the ‘she shed,’ a backyard haven for busy all women seeking a quiet reprieve from the world. A place for a little introverting

My immediate reaction was, ‘This is what I have just Built!!!’  Well, not exactly me swinging the hammer and no, not exactly the same build because I still have to facilitate the garaging of vehicles. But the concept is spot on. I too constructed an upstairs to accommodate my own hobbies and purposes, just like the article. I don’t have a photo of mine with me, but take this one and add another half the size, and that’s pretty much it! Fab right :)


OMG! I am just tripping over myself with how gloriously in vogue I am :)

Tinerate, am loving the idea of the space designed especially for the girls. The she shed is a private oasis for us, much like the man cave but with a stomp of feminine. Here are just a few of the fabulous inspirations I found on

Fancy afternoon tea under a chandelier in the she shed?


How about a snooze sanctuary???


or even a tree house she shed :)


Personally I am partial to this she shed with a deck and plenty of space to have the girls over for an afternoon game of bridge!


I am just loooving the spectacular she shed and am now all inspired to get stuck in to the long overdue task of organising mine! Maybe I’ll do a couple of different ‘rooms’ within the space…writing retreat…art area. Ooo, individual studio spaces… Mmm, thinking….thinking…


Talk about famous last words re getting excited :)

Till next time.

Tipsy Pipsy xo