Christmas Stuffing!


With Christmas now a post script and the stuffings of the holiday put to bed, I am in awe of people I know who are already on to next year. More specifically the tinsel and trim of the looming festivity!

Uh-huh…seriously! Before the honey-glazed ham is finished, the decorations put away or the presents re-gifted :) the silly season glamorous glitz of the new year is being planned and prepped. Absolutely no rest for the creative creatures I guess.



Tinerate, do you ever wonder just where all the brilliant and unique ideas that you see, hear or read about (and just an aside, be that in decorating or elsewhere,) sprout from??? I mean, just what incredible mind gives these notions of inspiration birth???

Sigh…I do.

In fact I wonder at the imagination of these folks in a fan crush admiring and, total disclosure moment, sometimes with barely concealed envy kind of way :) And then fast on all of that, I have the ‘why can’t I produce that kind of magnificent creative phenomenon’ self-pity whine. Oy Vey…it takes all sorts right :)



Anyhoo, good friend TM is one of these aforementioned creatures who can bring creativity ingenuity and wonderment to a myriad of formats. The latest fab project, her Christmas table which, a few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to gain a sneak peek at…


TM is unique in that she begins planning her next table almost even before the current table is cleared :)




Each year it is a completely different theme so there is not much room for recycling but TM tells me that a few bits and pieces do make it from one year to the next…




Anyhoo, the theme for this year, 2016, was Japanese inspired…complete with time consuming Origami. All very intricate, fiddly and delicate requiring copious amounts of patience I would imagine :)



Soo delightfully christmassy cheery … And such a talent! Can’t wait to see what the tablescape for 2017 will be :)


Till next time.

Tipsy Pipsy xo