Linens & Luxe!

It’s all well and good to present a table with divine floral splays and dazzling flatware but often the way to create the pop of memorability in a tablescape is in the choice of napkins. Yes! A successful stunning scenario can be as simple as the serviette selection! … Ooo, and that word opens up a whole can of worms: napkin or serviette? (more on that later :) )

But back to point, the napkin can be the highlight of the table if displayed with a little aplomb. So forget the tried and trusted of the antique family heirloom linen napkin and splurge on a little bit of something that will make a noisy statement (and, just an aside, if inspecting the generational material wearing glasses, I am betting there are a few little holes in the corners of these ancestral cloths anyway so really best to retire them now :) )

Anyhoo, in the past, rows and rows of crisply starched white table linens was the ‘go to’ and yes, add the fabulous silver flatware and all to absolutely die for! Even more so if a centrepiece reminiscent of someone as creatively fabulous as Colin Cowie adorns the table!

However, these day, colour has come in to play in a big way … and the napkin is often leading the way (well, that and the flowers, but the napkin is still a strong contender!) But not only is it colour providing the pop, its also the way the small square of material is folded.

Uh huh … soo many options as to what to do here that the sky really is the limit!

Should you have a riot of colourful pattern, a simple fold over will most probably suffice; however an understated pastel may need a coax of elaboration. Or, if being terribly hipster shabby chic, toss the linens in the dryer to give them that rumpled lived in look (me thinks through that this works best in a more rustic or minimalistic setting) … Anyhoo, quite truly, imagination really is the only thing holding the napkin presentation back :)

I for one, cannot sit down to a meal without a napkin (paper or not!) … A learned trait I’m sure from years of boarding school and adults with an aversion to sticky fingers :)

Till next time.

Tipsy Pipsy xo 





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