Party Plan!

Isn’t it fabulous how everyone is talking parties and getting excited about the festive season. Sigh … I just love this time of year, wherever I am!

Anyhoo, CS and I were having a chat about how to have a really successful festival get-together (I know, truly a first world dilemma :) ) and I thought I’d share a few tips that we pinpointed – over a few brainstorming champagnes :) – as the essentials.

First and foremost is the ambience. Uh huh. Absolutely essential to set the appropriately dreamy mood. You know, the one where people walk in and melt with pleasure. Or at the very least, realise they are safely nestled in an oasis in which all their dreams can come true (okay, maybe just for the next few fantasy hours!)

Tinerate, the best way to do this is with lighting … I like to use a variety of the one coloured candle (normally white) and place literally dozens of them around the room. If this is just not possible, at the very minimum, please do shine the chandelier to a stunning sparkle and be sure to switch the dimmer :)

The other not to be missed element is the music. In the old days it was always such a bore mixing up a party play list. But these days, with Sirius, Spotify or cable (depending on where you are!) all that’s needed is a touch of the app, flick of a switch or a quiet word to Alexa, Google voice or even a bot!

With that all sorted, the next essential item is the ice breaking drink; or drinks tray!

With the beverages it is easy to have a ready poured tray (or cart) set with a signature drink of the evening and then waiters to mingle offering a refill. As the night progresses, let folks help themselves however it’s always a good idea to keep a few staff on to man the bar and act as busboys and, of course, do the clean up (the last thing one wants is to tackle dirty dishes at the end of the fun :) )

Making the space enticing and comfortable is also important. Nobody wants to stand for hours on end so be sure to offer up comfy seating and a few poufs around the place always add warmth to a room :)

And finally, the last little gem I can offer that will add twinkle to any space and helps create merry memories is the holiday sparkle. Always add a bit of Christmas cheer even if its only a store-bought poinsettia.

So do you agree that this is a comprehensive list of must-do’s for a fun night? Oh, and if you have any other suggestions please do let me know! Always love to hear your ideas :)

Till next time.

Tipsy Pipsy xo


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