Are we there Yet?


All my chat about the folks that I have had the good fortune to meet whilst long hauling it around the globe has me on a roll and I want to share just a few more whilst I recover from my jet lag :)

One of my absolute favourites is the anonymous sailor. And, unfortunately I don’t recall her name so I am doing the next best thing and remembering her as AS. The reason being is that AS was en route to Grenada to pick up her boat and sail it home…and, yes, that home would be Australia. Seriously!!!


You see AS and her partner worked in the mines …(she drove trucks and forklifts and, just an aside, proudly showed me her hands and blackened nails to prove it! I believed her! But then, I guess in all fairness, it would have to be a generous hike to the closest Jay Nails :) ) …but back on story…AS and her partner had decided that they didn’t want to buy a house with all their hard earned moolah. Instead they would buy a boat which they would moor off Rockhampton and use it to travel the world whenever opportunity arose. By all accounts that plan didn’t seem to be in the too distant future as AS did mention retirement a few times. All she had to do was sail her new home back to port with the Captain…talk about a fabulous adventure :)

Another great meet was with ON who was off to NYC to take up a role as buyer for a large womens retail chain. She had been in fashion for many years in Melbourne and wanting to send her career into the stratosphere had (off her own back), pursued this role in the States. ON said the interview process had been gruelling but it was sooo worth it! Really admire that kind of initiative and gumption :)


Anyhoo, another one of my favourite fellow travellers would have to be the Irish CEO of a large frozen food company, GMcC.

My first question to GMcC was, how come you are sitting back here? Turns out that it was a late booking and couldn’t get anything that turned left at the door (where he usually sat) so was with all of us in PE.


Tinerate, having close encounters of the human kind when buzzing 30,000 feet above terra firma certainly helps keep at bay the constant thought of ‘are we there yet?’ Especially when one meets a Mo :)

Till next time.

Tipsy Pipsy xo