Friends in High Places!

I am back in the air again! No, not going as far as the other side of the world this time but am heading to the eastern edge of Australia.

You see AP has had to come to Sydney for work so I have flown up to join him. Basically I am having a mini-vacay in this gorgeous harbour town at the expense of his work. :) Only appropriate to send huge thank you to the job with gratitude in spades.

Tinerate … back on track … in one of those you-are-not-going-to-believe-this moments, in the airline lounge, I ran into GP who I first met simply a-g-e-s ago on a flight to LA. Honestly! Out of the all the squllions of folks out there, and the ka-trillions (new word but it works for me :) ) we encounter in a passing moment of life never to be sighted again, straight out of the blue, there they are sipping a cup of java across the marble top counter. WOW! Just shows how small this world is now though as GP works in Canberra, lives in Brisbane and was in Adelaide for a days contract. It’s actually never really registered with me that I might actually again cross paths with people who I have previously travelled with. Ooo, big reminder to always watch the p’s and q’s!!!

Anyhoo, GP is a Green Beret and was completely fascinating to chat with. We covered several topics whilst winging our way to LA but some of the takeaways for me were the lesson (and I think it deserves that title as it was delivered with sincere authority :) ) he taught me about always checking where my life jacket is stored and to make sure there is one actually in the plastic pocket! If this is all good, then check that the expiry date is still current. In his words, it’s too late if something happens! I do this religiously now and yes, people do think I’m odd but then, ah, well …. Mmm … :)


Another trick he taught me was to close my eyes as I approached my seat and count the rows to it from the nearest exit. Why? As GP said, if your upside down in water it’s your best hope of escape. Gotta say that I couldn’t help but think that if we are in pitch black upside down in shark infested ocean, especially on those long-haul routes, we are pretty much scr@#%d but I didn’t want to burst his enthusiastic survival bubble :)

Anyhoo, I still have loads more gripping tales to be told of the great meets I’ve had (betting you just can’t wait, right :) ) … like the fabulous MM and his divine wife, CM,  avid golfers from Palm Springs (amongst many other homes) who captivated me for a solid 14 hours, revealing secrets of how the other half play. Oo, yes please :)

Till next time.

Tipsy Pipsy xo

2 thoughts on “Friends in High Places!

    • Thanks AG! I never used to even pay attention to the safety demonstration but a very different story now thanks to GP :)

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